About us

The Sydney Menopause Centre was established in 1978, making it one of the longest-established menopause units in Australia. It has an international reputation for its research in women’s health and it's clinical application is at the Royal Hospital for Women.

The Barbara Gross Research Unit (BGRU) was established in 1997, originally to undertake clinical trials of hormone replacement therapy. Over the last 20 years the unit has developed a strong record in women’s health and has broadened its focus to include research into osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, lipid-lowering strategies and genito-urinary problems in both men and women. In the past decade, the BGRU’s research agenda has further expanded to include herbal, drug and alternative therapies (for menopausal symptoms, low libido, nausea, dysmenorrhoea and sexual problems post-treatment for breast cancer), medical devices and multicultural studies. We have an extensive network of national and international collaborators. We now routinely perform phase 2 and 3 trials as well as take part in large international, multi-centered RCTs.

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