Behavioural Sciences

The Behavioural Sciences Unit (BSU) was established in 2001 to conduct research studies that cover all psycho-social, Behavioural and nutritional aspects of paediatric cancer. The BSU is based at, and supported by, the Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children’s Hospital. Our team is multidisciplinary, with representation from psychology, dietetics, paediatric oncology/haematology, social work, nursing, bereavement counselling, behavioural sciences, and exercise physiology. For further information please visit the website at:

Staff/Team members 
Dr Jordana McLoone
image - Img 7272
Post-Doc Res Fellow (UNSW)
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph 02 86278433
image - Ursula Sansom Daly
Aus Postdoc R/Fellow (NH&MRC)
Ph 0409991754
image - Small
Sole Trader - Consultant
image - Brittany Mcgill
Research Fellow
Ph (02) 9382 3117
Research Assistant
Research Assistant
Administrative Assistant
image - Emma Doolan
Research Officer - Statistician
Ph (02) 9382 3117
image - Sarah Ellis
Research Fellow
Ph (02) 9382 3116
Research Assistant
Research Assistant
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