Oocyte and Ovarian Biology

The Oocyte and Ovarian Biology Research Group’s objective is to conduct world-leading fundamental research to make transformational changes in modern reproductive medicine. It's aim is to understand the key mechanisms that regulate ovarian function and female fertility, in order to make transformational changes in modern reproductive medicine.

The group is located in the heart of UNSW’s biomedical precinct on level 4 of the Wallace Wurth Medical Sciences Building. The biomedical precinct incorporates the School of Medical Sciences, the Wallace Wurth and Lowy Cancer Centres and the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, providing on-site access to world class biomedical research facilities.

Staff/Team members 
image - Rob Gilchrist
Associate Professor & NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
Ph (02) 9385 2562
image - Work Photot
Senior Lecturer
Ph (02) 9385 2706
image - Picture1 For Unsw Research Gateway
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Ph +61 (2) 9385 3682
image - Angelique Hoolahan
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph (02) 9385 3552
image - Dulama Pic
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ph 02 9385 3631
image - No Image Available 4
Research Assistant
Ph 9385 0628
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