Paediatrics Research

The Discipline of Paediatrics has a dynamic research culture due in part to the broadness of the speciality, endearingly called “mini-medicine.”  The Discipline of Paediatrics staff is comprised of academic, professional, technical, research support, operational, and conjoint appointments. In addition, we have a number of Higher Degree candidates completing their PhD, Masters of Medicine, and Masters of Science by research.

Approximately two-thirds of the research output from the Discipline is generated from UNSW conjoint staff.  Conjoint staff are defined as hospital employees who have an honorary appointment at UNSW.

Research Streams

Research in the Discipline of Paediatrics is integrated into six streams. These streams have been developed and continue to evolve based on the research strengths of the Discipline of Paediatrics, UNSW Medicine (and Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network) as well as the interaction with national, State, and local health systems.

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