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PhD Scholarship in Fetal Doppler Imaging

The PhD Scholarship in Fetal Doppler Imaging (3D FMBV) in the School of Women’s & Children’s Health is a 3 year PhD post open to both domestic and international PhD candidates.

The Scholarship would ideally be suited to a sonographer with experience in Women's Imaging, or a Medical Practitioner with an interest in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and preferably some experience in diagnostic ultrasound.

The role will work alongside a multidisciplinary team including a Professor in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, other PhD candidates, a postdoctoral engineer, sonographers and numerous medical students.

The aim of this thesis is to prove or disprove the validity of a novel computational algorithm designed to evaluate 'raw' ultrasound data from three-dimensional volumes that has recently been published in the journal Radiology. Numerous experiments have been designed to facilitate this.

To apply please address the “Desired Skills and Experience” section outlined in the attachment, and send your CV along with a cover letter to Professor Alec Welsh and Dr Melissa Chang.
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