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Postgraduate - Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Coursework)

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The Discipline of Obstetrics & Gynaecology welcomes students from Australia and around the world who are interested in postgraduate studies. We offer postgraduate programs by coursework in Reproductive Medicine and Women's Health Medicine.

Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters in Reproductive Medicine

Postgraduate Coursework - Obs & GynaeReproductive medicine is at the forefront of emerging medico-scientific technology, offering hope to many needy couples, and career opportunities to those with demonstrable skills and knowledge. UNSW offers an exciting program in reproductive medicine delivered entirely via the internet. Although introduced to UNSW in 2006 this Program has been successfully delivered through another institution since 1999. This is not a gynaecology course; it is an opportunity for those with a special interest to study in a very flexible environment. It will therefore not only suit gynaecologists and family physicians with a special interest, but with its flexibility may appeal to related professionals, for example infertility nurses and counsellors, to study those subjects applicable to their needs.

Within the program, there is an opportunity to do 4 courses (24 Units of Credit) leading to a Graduate Certificate, or 6 courses (36 Units of Credit) leading to a Graduate Diploma of Reproductive Medicine. To complete the Masters 8 courses (48 Units of Credit) are required.

Graduate Certificate and Masters in Women's Health Medicine

image - Postgraduate Coursework - Obs & GynaeAs a result of feedback from previous participants enrolled in the Master of Reproductive Medicine it was decided that the School would develop another postgraduate Program with a broader focus on Women’s Health issues. We hope that this new program provides an opportunity for those with a more general interest in Women’s Health to expand their knowledge within a very flexible study environment. It is anticipated that such a program may be particularly useful to family physicians, but that it will also have some appeal to other professionals such as Women’s Health nurses, midwives and medical scientists. To that end some courses offered will be common to both programs, though a number of new courses have been developed specifically for the Master in Women’s Health Medicine.

Within the program, there is an opportunity to do 4 courses (24 Units of Credit) leading to a Graduate Certificate or satisfactory completion of eight (8) courses (48 UOC) for the Masters in Women's Health Medicine. Participants may work through at a speed which suits their professional requirements and interests. 

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