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UNSW email address

You will automatically be assigned a UNSW email address. In order to access this you will need to set up an online account on the UNSW Identity Manager website. Alternatively, contact the IT help desk on (02) 9385 1333 and quote your staff ID number to request a password. Please note this step must be completed by you and not a delegate as certain security questions need to be answered.

Email can be accessed through the web interface on any computer - You will need your Z staff ID and zpass password.


Email forwarding

All university email will be sent to your UNSW email address. If you don't have direct access to the UNSW Exchange system or prefer to read your UNSW emails from a different email system, you can redirect them to another email service.


Accessing the UNSW Library

Online access is available on the UNSW Library website.

A UNSW ID card is required to borrow items from the library. ID cards can be downloaded through the Facilities Management website. Please complete this and return it to the conjoint liaison contact in your discipline, who will arrange relevant sign-off.


UNSW Benefits

Conjoint staff receive many benefits that UNSW staff receive. These include:

  • a University title
  • Access to the School's Research Coordinator (currently Paediatrics only)
  • Access to biostatistics support
  • Access to the UNSW library platform (including comprehensive journal access)
  • IT infrastructure including UNSW email and software and licences at UNSW staff rates (eg statistical software, antivirus)
  • Research services including eligibility for University based grants and awards
  • Teaching resources such as free seminars for staff, in particular the Induction Day for New Teaching Staff

Publications Affiliation

Please note that conjoint staff are required to accept any published books, chapters, journal articles, conference papers etc in the online database for Research Publications as part of their candidature. Conjoints are encouraged to include University of New South Wales in their affiliation. If you have any questions or technical issues, please contact our Research Coordinator.


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