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Reproductive Medicine

Dave Listijono

I am currently a Senior Resident in O&G and completed the Master in Reproductive Medicine during my Internship. As a junior doctor with an interest in O&G, particularly the field of Reproductive Medicine, I found the Master course exceptionally relevant and helpful. Its superbly organized online learning structure made it possible for me to undertake it whilst fulfilling the commitments of a full-time clinical job. The core subject of Basic Reproductive Physiology was especially helpful in providing relevant background knowledge, followed by gradual progression into more specialized elective subjects. On the completion of the Master, you would expect a clearer understanding of the science, ethics and clinical application surrounding Reproductive Medicine. Personally I found this course to be a pertinent platform in my career thus far. I would highly recommend this course to my newly graduate medical colleagues and other junior (and not-so-junior) doctors.

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