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Reproductive Medicine

Melanie Alexander
Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture - Integrated Reproductive Medicine

I researched furthering my education in the area of Reproductive Medicine from the perspective of being a CAM (Complimentary & Alternative) medical practitioner in the area of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture / Reproductive health.

It is clear for practitioners of all modalities of medical practice that we are entering a new era of a more integrated medicine and that the growing evidence base for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and its widespread community use compels doctors to understand complementary therapies and to refer patients to CAM practitioners where appropriate. Also it is clear that CAM practitioners such as myself need to up skill our understanding of WM  (Western Medicine) protocols in order to best support our patients and understand what further investigations / treatment strategies should or could be incorporated.  I have found this course to be of great benefit to my practice. It has bridged many gaps and enabled me to be more confidently conversant with the WM establishment re shared patients. I found the course well paced & challenging without me having to sacrifice daily practice.

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