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image - Rimona Burke
Reproductive Medicine

Rimona Burke
General Practitioner

I thoroughly enjoyed studying the Masters of Reproductive Medicine on-line at UNSW over the past few years. I work as a GP in Paddington and have always had a keen interest in fertility and woman's health. I am also involved with the Antenatal Shared Care program with the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney. A wide variety of subjects are offered and I found the subjects relevant to my work as a GP. I have particularly enjoyed the subjects which I had not yet covered in medical training, such as the ethics of reproductive technologies and psychosocial aspects of fertility. The course was easy to navigate on-line and I found IT support were able to resolve issues quickly.Tutors were available when I required and their feedback was useful and appropriate. I am currently completing my last subject of the Masters and am happy to say that I have been impressed by this course and UNSW.

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