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Help us ensure best diagnosis, treatments & support for children born with brain disorders

Every two days, a child is born in Australia with a genetic epilepsy. Genetic epilepsy can cause serious brain damage, and children can experience life-threatening seizures several times a day. Children may lose the ability to talk, walk and even smile. Families can feel confused and alone.

Our clinical research is designed to give children with genetic epilepsy and their families hope. Using the latest genomic technologies, our research is identifying genetic causes for many children. We work in collaboration with international researchers to show how new treatments can be tailored to a child’s genetic diagnoses: opening up the possibility of reducing seizures and even curing these individually rare and chronic conditions. We are developing resources with families to educate, support and empower.

Your donation will enable us to progress ground-breaking research in gene-discovery, precision medicine, and improved models of care, improving these children’s lives.


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